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They handled the crowds professionally and with good authority. I was able to handle other matters smoothly because they were there. 

"We will always watch over you."

Protective, Observant, Vigilant


Watchtower security services LLC, is a company that is a leader in its industry. We provide integrity, dedication and results in the approach of your safety and security needs. We hold a standard for professionalism, constant communication with both our officers and our clients to make sure that we are providing nothing less then exceptional service. 


Our vision is to be recognized as one of the top providers of security services by our clients and the security industry. Our mission as a company is " To provide safety and security on a level of professionalism, integrity, and dependability  for all.

Watchtower Security Services, LLC, strives to bring about change to the industry in recognizing many of the errors we have come across that has gone unchecked in today's market.

  •     Unarmed Security

  • Loss Prevention 

  • Event Security 

  • Patrol Security​

  • Convention Security ​

  • Community Security 

  • Warehouse Security ​

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